"Unforgettable and profound" - Readers' Favorite Reviews - 5 Stars

The Tormenting Beauty of Empathy


Release Date Fall 2020 

Hana, a young Guatemalan woman, mute from childhood tragedy, flees the brutal Civil War ravaging her country in search of a better life in the United States. Soon after arriving, she discovers she is pregnant, and is banished from her new home and sent to live in a Mayan community in Indiantown, Florida.

There, she settles into a peaceful life of embroidery and raising her young daughter. A daughter who turns out to be… different. 

And special. 

The kind of special that soon draws worldwide attention, for the better... 

and worse. 


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The air is crisp atop the Tikal Temple, high above the humidity of the rain forest in what is now modern day Guatemala. Standing on the peak of the limestone pyramid, one hundred and fifty feet above the ancient Mayan city of Yum Tax, all you see is the canopy of trees below. 

Despite centuries of war and rivalry, including with the mighty Teotihuacán of far off Mexico, Mayan civilization flourished in the years 250 to 900 AD, creating advances in architecture, art, and astronomy, including the Mayan Calendar, which rivaled that of any in the civilized world. 

And then suddenly it collapsed.

 The Mayans did not disappear, they just abandoned their great cities and.......

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